Sunday, February 28, 2010

Playing Possum

Reid got some new pajamas! Patrick and I kept telling him what a big boy he was in them... I think he is proud of himself! He finished his big bowl of cereal and had his milk and was worn out tonight. We layed together on the couch for awhile and he was OUT! Patrick put on his fresh sheets and I layed him down in his bed. He was laying on his side holding onto his blanket and he just looked so cute and so big. Patrick and I stood there and whispered just about how precious he is and how in love we are with him... all of a sudden he rolled to his back... eyes WIDE open... with a big smile. We laughed so hard. Apparently he was playing possum and listening to Mom and Dad ooo and ahhh over him! What a little turkey!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yay Reid!!!!!!!!!!!!

My boy is SLEEPING ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!! I have been putting this post off because I was afraid of jinxing myself... but surely after a week we are really onto something! He started doing it the very night we started cereal twice a day. Poor guy... he was starving! I guess this means it's finally time for him to go sleep in his room.... well maybe! That is such a big step... I mean seriously his room is a whole two steps away (a lonnngggg two steps).

Anyway, if you see Reid out on the town give him a big pat on the back... this mama is PROUD!

4 months old

I cannot even believe 4 months have come and gone. It really honestly seems like yesterday we were meeting this handsome guy for the first time. Look at that sweet face. I can still picture the expression he was making when I saw him for the first time... I hope that is something I never forget!

Oh... and notice the gigantic hand in the picture... yes that is his big mommas hand. I remember looking in the mirror that night and wondering who the heck I was looking at! My nose and lips and well actually my whole face was huge! Glad Reid still loved me... he was probably a little frightened meeting momma for the first time!

We did our 4 month chair picture this afternoon. He did so good sitting up by himself in it this time! It is so crazy what 1 month does for this little guy. Makes me sad to watch him grow so quickly, but each month brings something else that is so exciting!... and the best part is that second little chin he has going there!... if only you could see his thighs!

Patrick said... "strike a pose son." No lie... Reid put that leg up and gave us this look! What a HAM!

You are the light of our lives! I am so proud of you! You make my heart melt more and more each day. You are starting to turn into such a little boy. You are rolling over all the time! You love love LOVE your cereal! As soon as we start towards you with a spoon you open that mouth wide and it is all gone before we know it. You just this week started sleeping through the whole night (yay Reid!) You love your puppies and your daddy! Ellie likes to check on you at night and lay her head in your lap. It makes you laugh everytime. Daddy can walk in the room and you find him immediately. All he has to do is say Hi to you and you smile so big! I cannot believe that 4 months have already come and gone. We are so thankful for your great health and pray that God continues to bless you as you grow! Sweet boy... we LOVE you!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This little guy sure does wish the sun would come out! He really does LOVE to be outside.. but it has been impossible. He watched his puppies for a good 15 minutes while they ran around this afternoon. We just cannot wait for this summer. I don't know that we will spend ANY time inside!

This time it was his Daddy taking pictures! You can tell by the sweet look on his face. He sure does love his Daddy!!!! Reid and Ellie are going to be buddies also. We let her in right after this. She ran straight to Reid and tried licking his whole face. I pulled him away but he started giggling! It is so sweet to watch him stare at her and smile. She has adjusted quickly to having a baby brother. She better watch it... once he starts walking she is going to have a little shadow!... and Jake... he couldn't care less!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am totally addicted! When Reid goes to bed I run to the computer and get started shopping on EBAY! I need control... actually I don't know if I do or not. I get some great deals... usually the shipping is more then the item I buy! My latest purchase was for Reid. (suprise! suprise!) What makes buying things for your kids SO MUCH FUN? I think it's even fun to buy diapers for him. Am I crazy?
Anyway.... Reid got a new bathtub! He was completely over laying down in the bath. He is way to grown up for that. So after getting advice from other people I found the ultimate bath for an energetic little boy who WANTS to sit-up... but just can't quite do it on his own. He loved his bath tonight.

Reid enjoyed playing with his Valentine present from Aunt T too! I would line those little ducks up and he would hit them off. I don't know if this was coincidence or not... but I had fun! Ha!

Rough start today!

Man... I totally know where the saying "crying over spilt milk came from." This HURTS!!!! I was rushing around this morning and somehow got clumsy. As sick as this sounds I really tried to figure out a way to get that milk back in the bottle for a second. Then I came back to reality and cleaned it up with the sponge.
By the way... that was 4 WHOLE oz....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Accidents Happen!...

Poor Reid! Patrick and I decided to go on a walk tonight and ended up at Jeremy and Paige's house. We were getting read to leave and I noticed Reid had a little leak all over his jeans and shirt. Since it was cold outside we didn't want him in anything wet so.....................

He had to wear his good friend Lily's clothes home! I had to beg Patrick to help me take these pictures. He told me atleast put the hat on him and help him feel a little manly!

We weren't the only ones laughing. Landon thought it was hilarious!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Date Night!!

Lily and Landon came over for Pizza! Reid and Lily were hanging out on the couch... just talking baby talk I guess.
How cute... Lily decided she wanted to hold Reids hand...
... that girl is not scared... she just reached over and grabbed it!!!!!!
We are not real sure if this is true love or not yet... I guess we will just see how it plays out over the next few years! HA!

Little Hunter

Ok... if you know Patrick at all you know that when he gets into something he REALLY gets into it! He is hilarious! There are so many nights I look over while I am on the computer and he is totally sitting on the couch holding his bow and watching hunting. He is an all out HUNTER (except for that he hasn't ever actually done it!) ... and by the way... I am not making fun of him... this is all truth and I think it is SO FUNNY! I know he will be a great hunter and I really am excited for Reid when he gets older to go hunting with Dad. I am also super happy that he is getting started now so he can get in a little practice!

So.. with that being said... Reid and I had a photo shoot to make his Daddy smile. It worked! Patrick got him and Reid matching hats...
Aunt Laci said it looks like Reid is saying... "How you doin'?!"
He is thinking that he hears a turkey or something....

1st Valentines

Patrick and I sure did enjoy our little Valentine this year. We woke up early and went grocery shopping to celebrate the big day! Ha! After we finished that dreaded trip we got to come home and just love on Reid. His Grandma and Grandpa came over that night to give him his presents. He was so excited... He got a cool little thing from Uncle Chuck and Aunt Debbie. You put fruit in it and chew on it. He also got some more CEREAL!!!! The next day while I was at work Granny came by and brought Reid his bear in a bag and 5 dollars! Here is Reid with all his gifts. It was totally his idea to put that 5 dollars in his pocket... he is so cute!
He loves this little bear! Just doesn't understand why it won't come out of that bag!

Friday, February 12, 2010

So thankful!

On the way to family dinner tonight I sat in the backseat with my sweet little boy in complete awe of the goodness in my life. I am blessed beyond measure with a precious husband who supports me in every step of life. He loves me in spite of all my weaknesses... and he has such a simple way of telling me I am driving him crazy sometimes! "Lindz... can I tell you one of my pet peeves?!" He is so wonderful! As if that wasn't enough... now I have another special blessing. Our Reid! I am so thankful that God chose us to raise this precious child. I pray everyday that I am the Mom that encourages, provides, loves, and pushes him so that he grows up to be a God fearing Man just like his Daddy! I am so thankful for his health and his precious little personality that we get to see more and more of each day! I continue to thank our gracious God daily for these gifts!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cereal for dinner!

I just couldn't wait anymore! For some reason I have been so excited to start feeding Reid cereal. Actually one reason is because I just knew we could get some CUTE pictures from it! I am not sure why we decided on tonight... but we did!

We got the highchair down and here is Reid ready to grub!
Patrick was the designated picture taker.. he did good! Reid kept looking at him like are you seriously going to take my picture while I EAT!?!
Open wide... BIG bite!
Once he got it in his mouth he had no idea what to do with the blob of 'cereal!'

Finally swallowed.... It really took him about 3 minutes to finish one bite. I would clean it off his chin... put it back in... he would spit it out... and again... and again... until I finally decided OK! This is disgusting... NEW BITE!
Must have filled him up... not even 15 minutes later... he was sacked out on the floor! This is so fun. If you can't tell Patrick and I are enjoying EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of this little guys life!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday FUN-day!

Here we are.. headed to church. Patrick snapped a quick picture because Reid has on his new shirt from his aunt Laci! We sent her a picture so she could see what a stud he is!
We reached a big milestone this morning.... Reid took his first trip to the nursery! It was BY FAR harder on his Momma. He had no idea! He had a full belly and was super close to taking a nap so Patrick talked me into it. I think he had a good time... hopefully he met some new friends! This super smart lady at church reminded me of how important it is to take care of Patrick and I's relationship and that Reid will be OK!

... and what do ya know? Picked him up and he was JUST FINE!!!! He was actually sacked out in someones arms!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sharp Dressed MAN!!!!!!

This was the look I got when I told Reid me and him had a date to a baby shower! He was by far the most handsome boy there. Actually... he was the only boy there... but even if that wasn't the case he still would have been the most handsome! He wore his kakis and his sweater and oh my gosh did he look cute!
He was in such a good mood this afternoon when we got home. I think he is starting to get excited to meet those Bailey twins!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Play time with Mommy!

Reid has been a little down because Patrick has been having to start going to night meetings. I'm trying my hardest to keep his spirits up!! I think it worked tonight! Reid got in his little exersaucer to play and had a great time!
I said, "Reid... Daddy is on his way home!" I think this is him saying "REALLY!!!!!!!""REALLY Reid!!!".... he got so excited!

Then he got distracted working on his mad DJ skills! Here is our smart boy teaching himself how to 'spin a record'!
"Seriously Mom... are you stttiiillll taking my picture?!?"
"AHHH STOP!!! Enough is enough!!!!"