Sunday, June 27, 2010

8 Months Old!

Where has the time gone?!
Happy 8 month birthday precious precious boy! You truly are the light of our lives! This month has really flown by... maybe since I have gotten to spend all my time with you! You are still crawling like a wild man and have callused knees to prove it! You are a pro at walking along things, but just haven't figured out what to do when you let go. I have yet to find a food that you will not shovel in your mouth! Once your tray on your highchair is clear... no big deal... you just look in your bib for anything you dropped! We usually just have to cut you off because I think you would be content eating ALL.DAY.LONG! That is ok though.... I think that is what growing boys are supposed to do! A few of your favorite things include: your hammer, laundry basket rides, Ellie, strawberries, a good book, and Dora! You had a big weekend for your 8 month birthday. Mommy and Daddy took a weekend getaway and it was your very first night away from home. I think you did great.... except you went to bed at 10 pm... just the right thing to do at a slumber party! It was definately harder for your Momma then you! Again, thanks for being so special to us! These have been the greatest 8 months of our lives!

Love you always,
Mommy and Daddy!

Here are the Moms and Dads ready for a kid free dinner in Dallas. It was so much fun... and absense does make the heart grown fonder! (eventhough I didn't think it was possible!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Hey Mom... whats for dinner?!"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Very first boat ride!!

Reid was a fan of the boat.... not so much the life jacket!... but with a little food everything is O.K.! We gave him some yogurt and it put him right to sleep!

For Father's Day we headed to Uncle Chuck and Aunt Debbies lake cabin with Jeremy and Paige! We had lots of fun riding on the boat and swimming.
Patrick and I are so blessed! We have these really awesome friends that we get to hang out with A LOT! They live not even a mile away so we get to enjoy walks together, meet up for dinner, go to church together, and now the best part.... raise our kids together! Basically, Landon and Reid are BFF and Lily and Reid are dating.

Here is little Lily girl... isn't she precious! Reid has great taste in girls!!

Having a great time at the waterpark!

Here is Lily showing off her belly saying "Whats up Reid!"

Lily is being a cute little girl and smiling for the camera and Reid is sick and tired of pictures. Poor guy... this is only the beginning!!!!

Andddd... there is LANDON!!!!!!! Reid is hoping that one day he can be as cool as Landon!

Reid sliding with his Daddy!

We had a great Father's Day weekend! I hope Patrick did anyway. He deserves the very best because he has been such a great Daddy to Reid! God sure did bless our little guy with a great Daddy! I love watching Reid's eyes light up as Patrick walks in the door each day. They have lots of fun times ahead of them. I am sure Patrick is so anxious to get Reid behind the lawnmower and scoring goals on the soccer field!
Reid is quickly learning to love the water! He has always enjoyed baths but is having to learn to like swimming. The problem is he is just to busy to be held in a swimming pool. He would much rather get down and swim on his own! He was a little worn out at the water park so he didn't hold up as long as the other kids.... but he was still a good sport and made the most of it!
Wherever Reid goes.... his hammer goes also!
Also, I see a little bit of attitude in this face! Never knew attitude could be so darn CUTE!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Reid in the tub!

Look at those two bottome teeth! Reid still LOVESSSS his bath time! We just have to time it right. If he gets to tired we go into speed mode... otherwise he likes to play... play... and keep playing in the tub!

Eating like a big boy!

He fed himself.... bananas, strawberries, and green beans for lunch!

Summer fun!

This little guy has such a personality! He has started playing peek-a-boo when we change his diaper, when he eats dinner, when he is in the bath... and at any other opportunity he can get. Here he is playing peek-a-boo with the camera (what a HAM!) in his new ball pit!
Where is Reid?!?!......
THERE he is!!!!!!!!
We play this over and over again... but it NEVER gets boring!
He is so proud of his new DORA ball pit! One of our favorite hobbies is going to garage sales. It may start getting Mama in trouble because I always find something that Reid just HAS to have!... but hey if it's a bargain why not?!
Hope you are enjoying June as much as we are! I am so thankful for this happy, healthy, handsome baby boy! He reminds me each day what really matters in life! Our summer schedule goes a little something like this:
  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • PLAY!!!
  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • PLAY!!!

You get the picture!

Reid's new ride!

Look out! You may see this little guy cruising around town in his new red wagon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reid has a new favorite toy... we take it everywhere! Look closely... he carried it around all day long on Tuesday!
He crawls with it....
He sits with it....
He hits the window with it....
He screams with it.... AND....
He sleeps with it! Yes... our sons favorite toy is an old bottle of infant Tylenol (don't worry I washed it out!) He has even altered his crawl from the normal crawl back to the army crawl just so he can carry along his bottle of Tylenol. Maybe we have a future pharmacist on our hands!