Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer time fun!

Playing in the dirt with Ellie!

Napping in my own bed.

Hanging out in the front yard with Mom and Dad!

Sprinklers with Kate!

Swimming in the backyard.

Napping with papa!

Breakfast in my water table.

Visiting with my Croix cousins!

It just keeps getting better. Patrick and I are so thankful for the summer time. Making A LOT of precious memories! :)

Being cautious

Reid wanted to go for a tricycle ride this morning. But first- he had to put on his 'hat'.

This was all his idea! Just looking out for himself!

A little crooked.... But it was a great thought.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Reid driving Kate around. She seems to be having a great time! Ha

Reid driving slowly and Kate being dramatic.

Reid being cool- one hand on the wheel. And super cool Kate riding with her feet on the dash.

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As of today Reid is 1 full week paci-free! Last Tuesday Patrick went through the house tossing pacifiers in the trash.

What! You did what with all my paci's?!

This was day 1. Can you see the exhaustion? It wasn't easy for mom or Reid. He fought us hard at bed and nap time. We made it though. So proud of this boy! Yesterday he picked up a dog treat and said "here puppy eat snack." He has already started talking more. Ya!!!

Way to go handsome!
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Weekend with momma

Patrick went on a canoe trip with our neighbor this past weekend. That left Reid and I all alone and ready to have fun! Friday we ate at ken's pizza and played at the splash park with friends. For dinner we went with Kate and Jodi to eat and play some more at her sisters. We woke up early the next morning to spend some time with family at the lake. Reid had tons of fun riding the boat and feeding the de (dear). Sunday morning we came back home and had taco cads date with Kate and Jodi. Before we knew it daddy was back home! I slacked on taking pictures.

These are the only two I got of our little lake bum.... Being a trooper in his life jacket :)

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Little reader

I finished picking up in the kitchen and walked in on Reid sitting in his bed reading. Precious!

Every single animal in this book is called a puppy or a moo. We are still learning!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here is my handsome boy... his last day of 'school' at Jolene's house. Be prepared for a picture overload!! These first two pictures are proof. Each morning when I would drop Reid off he would of course cry and make a big deal out of me leaving... atleast that is what I thought. Jolene was always sweet enough to text me 30 seconds later to tell me he was done and doing fine. What a mess! I think he felt like he just needed to make me think he wasn't having a blast.

bein bashful!

Reid and all the girls!

Sweet Mojo!... and sweet Livy for sharing her big sister. Morgan told me on most days when I picked Reid up that she would like for me to have a talk with him because he pulled her hair that day. She was also always sweet to walk us out. When Reid would hug her she would laugh and say 'thats my boy!'

Lots of giggles.... the fun has began!

Oh my! Melt your heart! Morgan - thank you sweet girl for loving my little Reid!

Little Brooklyn! From what I hear she is a cute mess! I won't believe it until I see it. This face screams innocent.

I knew I shouldn't have fallen for those tears. Look at that Joy in his face!

Monkeys jumping on the bed!

Wow... make yourself at home Reid.

I'm glad to know Reid isn't the only one who likes to climb on other peoples furniture.

Reid watching the girls be girls!

The shoe fetish continues. He just cannot get enough of shoes. Apparently doesn't care if they are for girls are boys... big or little. Shoes are shoes!

Nice look little boy!

I am pretty sure he was pretending to grill out for them. He is definitely not playing in the kitchen.What a gentleman! Hope he is better at it than his daddy! (For those of you who do not know... ask Patrick about his flaming hot dog... or about his raw burger!)

This picture made me bust out laughing. Morgan looks like a serious janitor here. But of course her boots and mop are pink! :)

Reid seems jealous of her new profession!

Morgan's fan club. I love that Morgan is dead serious singing her heart out and Reid is listening to her like she is a famous singer!

Outside fun!

Morgan at the bottom ready to catch Reid.

Digging in the dirt with his 'shuble'.

Oh poor Lexie. I am sure that our sweet dog Ellie would be so glad that she is not the only one Reid likes to ride. I am so thankful for patient dogs in Reid's life!!

Lexie - we owe you!

Eating of course. I would pack a lunchbox FULL of food for Reid and 9 times out of 10 it would be empty. I think all they do at Jolene's is play and eat. My kind of day! Oh and Reid liked to throw in a 30 mintue nap tops. No time for sleep apparently.

This is usually how he would end up at the end of the day. Worn out from all the fun.

Jolene- We cannot thank you enough. We feel so blessed that the Lord so perfectly placed you in our lives. I know that Reid had so much fun playing, learning, and growing at your house. Being away at work is much easier knowing that your little boy is being loved the same way you would love him. THANK YOU!