Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wild Man

Check out this crazy kid! Believe it or not we cannot stay in the house too long without Reid getting a little bit bored. This is usually where we head so he can get rid of some energy... straight to his swimming pool and Ellie usually joins him!
He may love Ellie more then his Momma... but thats ok!
Caught him in the act. He is in the middle of waving bye-bye to something. Who knows what! He waves bye to everything... literally every single thing! He was crawling inside from his playroom the other day and I turned around to find him sitting in the doorway waving bye-bye (to his toys I am assuming). Smart smart boy!
.......... and this is CRAZZZYYY Reid! He is having so much fun he just cannot contain himself.
.... then we have sweet little innocent Reid. Love them both! :)
I may be in big trouble for this picture someday, but I just could not resist. I smile everytime I look at it! Plus this view of him will not be 'cute' forever right?! He better enjoy the freedom while it last!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reid was not feeling to hot this afternoon thanks to those mean old teeth. We decided to make a pallet on the floor and watch Dora. We got just about through the first minute of it and I looked over to find him just like this! Couldn't help but stare at him for a bit. So much to be thankful for.

9 months old!!!!!!! HOLY COW!

Is this kid REALLY 9 months old? I don't know how time just begins to fly once you have a baby... but it does. I attempted to take Reid's chair picture on his actual 9 month birthday by myself... no luck. I put him in the chair and he would immediately crawl out. So this is all I got!... Thank goodness for his Daddy he came home tonight and saved the day!! We waited a little bit long and this is Reid's really tired ready for bed chair picture.... but he is still precious!


You are quickly turning into a little boy. This month really flew by because I got to spend all my time with YOU! We slept in just about every single day until 9! We have spent a lot of time playing with Ellie, eating, crawling through the house, swimming in the backyard, and having lunch with Dad! Thank you so much for making this an extra special summer for me. One I will for sure never forget! You are still crawling everywhere and reaaaaalllly fast. You have stood alone a couple times but when I get so excited and scream I think it scares you. You have started waving bye-bye... all the time! You have 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth. You are just about to get your third top tooth... which means you eat everything we eat! At your 9 month appointment you weighed 17 pounds and you are 29 inches long. Things you love the most are Mom and Dad, Ellie, baths, Grandpa's glasses, Dora, Tylenol bottle, swimming pool, phone chargers, remotes, working phones, and FOOD!

You continue to bless our lives each and everyday. So thankful to be your Momma!

Love you to the moon!!

haha... frustrated with all the picture taking!
Enjoying a glass of milk with Dad!

Picnic with Daddy!

Our days of enjoying lunch together during the week are quickly coming to an end. So! Reid and I decided since it was a nice day we would pick up Patrick and go on a picnic. It was a lot of fun!
Reid ate in his wagon. I knew it would have been impossible keeping him on the blanket. It worked out great! He had so much fun standing while he ate.
There was a little boy playing with a football. This was Reid's friendly face haha! He is also still in his p.j.'s! He was right in the middle of a morning nap and I woke him up for our adventure. He didn't care at all! (notice the Tylenol bottle he STILL continues to carry around!)
He was to focused on his new friend to look at the camera.
Patrick thought he was going to get a sweet little kiss from Reid... instead he got a hair full of Nutri-grain bar! Reid thought he was being pretty funny. Later Patrick looked down and there was a tonnn of food in his hair!
... and this is what happens when you stand up and eat! There was food EVERYWHERE!
Something really bad happened after this picture. My camera battery died. We hadn't even gotten the chance to feed the ducks yet. Thank goodness for our phones I was able to get atleast one!

Reid wasn't to sure about the millions of ducks that come running when they see bread. He just sat really still and watched them.
So thankful for days like this and the memories made!

An apple a day...

Keeps the doctor away!!!
Look at this little hot shot.... he has four teeth and thinks he can eat anything now!

He mostly just got the juice and tiny little chunks... but hey we have to start somewhere! When I first started eating it he thought it was hilarious. I just LOVE his humor!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Somebody get this get a teething ring! HA!
"What Mom... it feels good!"

Two of a kind!

No doubt about it... these two are best friends for LIFE!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a weekend!

We had the privilege of spending the weekend at the lake with Uncle Chuck and Aunt Debbie! If you know them at all you know that with them comes a little bit of adventure!... not sure if this is by choice or not but none the less it is always a great time!
DAD! Come on... lets go to the lake!
Here is little Reid. He is resting up for his big tube ride! (You think I am joking...)
Bathing suit on.. all greased up with sunscreen... ready to go! I love how Patrick is picking his toenails in the background HA!
Two of a kind... I am one lucky girl! Right after this picture we headed down to the lake and Reid got to swim and play in the sand. Pretty soon Chuck and Debbie were back and we were ready for a boat 'adventure'! We quickly ran back up to the cabin and packed a few snacks and Debbie put some baked potatoes in the oven for dinner. It was about five and we were heading out for some cruisin, wakeboarding, and swimming!!! Around seven we pulled into a nice quiet cove to swim around for a little while. It was starting to get dark and we were all excited to get back and eat Debbie's meatloaf and potatoes so we hopped in the boat to head back... however... after many attempts the boat would not start. So Chuck hiked to the nearest cabin hoping to get us a ride across the lake! Within about 45 minutes we were cruising across the lake with two total strangers. They were a little odd but we were VERY appreciative. The potatoes were DONE and we were so thankful for the beds rather than the random dock that the boat remained docked at.

Day 2!... Chuck and Debbie went to tow the boat and what do you know it started right up. So we loaded up once again for another fun Bradley adventure! Patrick rode the sea-doo just incase something happened with the boat. After a nice swim the boat again decided to not start. So Patrick towed us to the nearest boat dock where Chuck and Debbie hopped on the sea-doo and Patrick, Reid, and myself (Yes Reid!) got on the tube! Let me tell you... not only is he CUTE... but he is such a TROOPER!!!!! He not only wore his life jacket this ENTIRE time but he also rode the tub for a good 30 minutes with only about 30 seconds of complaining! We had such a great time! Lots of memories made!!

After a late lunch, a bath, and playing at the cabin we went to feed the deer with Aunt Debbie!He was a little unsure of the whole experience..
Haha... he is not ok with how close this particular deer got to his feet!
Much better!

While we were riding the golf cart and feeding the deer Patrick and Chuck went to load the boat. Kinda funny... it started right up!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Looking back

I was looking through pictures tonight and this one made me laugh a little bit!
We used to call this the 'drunk milk face'. Is that not a look of satisfaction!?


We have had A LOT of fun this month!... just doing... NOTHING!
Riding the tricycle at My Aunt T's house!
Mom... Let me outta here!!!
Just precious.... really... could he get any cuter?
New pajamas = photo shoot!!!!
A kid after my own heart.... ready for 1st grade mama!!!

Where is Reid?!

There he is!!!!When you get to see that sweet smile this game NEVER gets old! Loving every single little second of this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


It amazes me how much this little 8 month old boy can eat. I always tell people I really think I could sit him in the floor with food all around and he would just sit and eat all day long! Dinner time usually ends with me saying... ok Reid I think you have had enough! He was quick to figure out where his droppings go though! As I take his tray off to wash it he spends the next few minutes cleaning out his bib!

What a good little boy.... he saw the camera and froze for a picture! Well done handsome boy!

Then he slowly starts hamming it up for the camera.....
HAHAHA! This is our new 'smile'! He scrunches up his nose. Hopefully it is just a phase... but SO glad I got it on camera for you to enjoy!
Ok... enough with the pictures... gotta get back to business!


What a GREAT little helper I have!... I un-organize the cabinets while he naps... then he organizes them for me once he wakes up! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July... what a treat!

We headed to Vernon this past Sunday to spend July 4th with some of our very favorite people! Aunt T decided to cook hamburgers and we thought we were getting homeade ice cream... thank goodness for all the great company she will be forgiven for that!!!

Our sweet cousins from El Campo came to town! Reid was so anxious to meet this fun group!
Hanging out with his cousins!!
He had no idea that Griffen was older then him. The weather was rainy and yucky but once it let up we were able to take a trip around the block in the wagon!
Jillian and Reid were instant buddies. I think he was drawn to her hair... or maybe just her overall cuteness!
I love getting to spend time with them! The kids are so much fun and I always learn some great new Mom trick from their Mom Christy! Hoping to be just like her someday... she has done an incredible job raising these three!... not to mention she is just a great person overall!

They headed to Wichita the next day and we met up with them at Jump for Joy! Once again Reid thought he was just as big as each of them. We bounced and went down slides until Reid was completely done. We went home.. napped... then got to meet up for hamburgers at Uncle Davids. So sad that they live so far away... but so thankful for the time that we got to spend with them the last couple of days!