Monday, May 31, 2010

1st swim in the big pool!

Reid had his 1st swim in the big pool this weekend at Kristine's house!

Right when we got in he was only ok with being held... I think he was a little nervous! We tried to let him float for a minute and he wanted NOTHING to do with that! So instead he got to sit on the step and pat the cement... what fun!!

This was his spot until he warmed up. He enjoyed playing with his new pool toys and being the center of attention!

We tried the float again after he warmed up to the pool. Don't let this picture fool you... it still is not his favorite thing.... but since the camera was out he did just as he has been taught and gave us a big ole smile!!

Reid was the only guy invited to the pool party... and poor thing didn't get any attention at all... SIKE! He obviously had a very relaxing afternoon at the pool! He was completely content laying on this raft and floating.

Working out

It's not easy having a body that looks this good. Reid is trying to get in shape for summer!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy 7 Months!

These chair pictures sure are getting interesting!


You are everywhere! The past 3 weeks have come and gone and we have watched you quickly grow into a little boy. It's so exciting... but still a little sad. This month you started crawling the real way! I love how you pick your hands up real high as you scoot all around the living room! You also started pulling up!... at first you would get stuck. However, being the smart little guy you are... it didn't take any time at all for you to figure out a very graceful way of getting back down. It usually happens with a big PLOP! You have just started playing ball! Somehow (I think with the help of your Grandpa) you discovered how to throw the ball. We are so proud of you! You continue to love to eat. We usually finish dinner off with a pickle! Not sure why but you do love pickles! ... and pears!

We continue to thank the Lord more and more each day for you! Daddy and I are so grateful that we get to watch you grow!

Love you so much sweet boy!

Here is Mr. Handsome himself... growing up FASTTT!!

Sunny Day Swim!

Reid sure did enjoy his first 'swim'!
I see lots and lots of days ahead that will look just like this!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reid really does have a great older sister! We always knew that Ellie was going to just LOVE Reid! We were exactly right. She comes inside and runs straight for him! He was pulling up on her in these pictures and she just sat real still. Poor Reid always leaves with a hand and mouth FULL of dog hair!... it could be worse though... right?!

Ellie turned around to give Reid one of her famous kisses! When she walks toward him he know squints knowing what is coming!

Here is Reid making sure he gets hair in his hands AND mouth!

I really am so thankful for Ellie. It is so fun watching her and Reid interact. When we play soccer in the back yard he laughs so hard at her!

If your wondering about Jake... he is still just a good ole' boy! Not much has changed with him... just lays on the couch more and more each day. However, every great once in awhile when NOBODY is watching he will check out his new baby brother!

A whole new world!

This is our new hang out! I think Reid could spend an entire afternoon standing at this window. There are all sorts of fun things you can do with a window... pull up on the window sill, pat the window, lick the window, say "Hi" to anything in sight... the list goes on! If he starts getting to bored after about 20 minutes then you just have to raise the window and it's just as much fun all over again!
He loved saying "Hi!" to the ducks along with the leaves... the grass... the bush... and anything else he saw. OH MY GOSH WE LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The things we do to get a laugh out of Reid!

Another 1st

We went to Academy tonight for a fun family outing and look who managed to talk Daddy into a new soccer ball!...

It didn't take much convincing!

Pulling Up

I left Reid for about 5 seconds on Tuesday night and came back to this...!!!
He sure is proud of himself... he has been practicing A LOT! It has to be something that is just the right height.
The part he hasn't figured out is getting down. The few times he has managed to get down himself he has not been so graceful! Luckily he is one tough kid and bounces right back for more!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday LANDON!

Happy 3rd Birthday to this handsome guy!
I think Reid enjoyed his first trip to Jump for Joy!
Playing ball with his main girl Lily!
Sliding with his Mama!


Atleast the boys are getting some sleep in the McCauley house!!!

STOP GROWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reid had his 6 month check-up today. He is now 80 percentile in height and 50th percentile in weight.
... and once again he checked out PERFECT!

Mother's Day

I think Mother's Day may be one of my favorite days now. Just waking up and being able to celebrate being Reid's Mommy is such a pleasure! My sweet husband also had flowers sent to school!
We spent our day hanging out at home... Reid was so sweet and helped with the laundry!
His new favorite pass time may be rides in the laundry basket... anything to hear his sweet laugh!

I think this is Reid saying "Hi!" I really think he has started using this word. The dogs jumped on the bed and he said it... then again at Ihop when we were having lunch with Nanny. What a friendly kid!

ready... set... crawl!