Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or treat!

Halloween this year was too much fun with this group! We met at Jodi and Brian's house for chicken nuggets and trick-or-treating! Savannah Johnson, Katelyn Camp, Reid, and Hayden Reed.... Parker wasn't interested in getting in the picture!

Another try... not a single one of them looking... still cute!

They are off!...
Reid caught right on. Luckily we had some older kids with us that showed him the ropes. He would say trick-or-treat and then check to see what he got!

Our scary old neighbor Kyle dressed up as a clown. He made Reid a little nervous! We sure do miss them!

Running to the next house!

We got home and the kids went straight to Kate's room to play. I heard Reid laughing hysterically at Hayden. Apparently Kate is pretending to be asleep.

Reid's cute buddy Hayden! Only one that would stop and pose for me!

Having to much fun jumping on the bed!Last stop... Nana and Papa's house!

Can't wait for next year!

Fred Flinstone

Cutest Fred Flinstone I have EVER seen! Big thanks goes to Nana for his precious costume!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Reid 'Talley'!

We celebrated Reid's 2nd birthday at Faith Baptist church gym on October the 29th. It was the perfect place for a party. We loaded up a whole lot of toys and borrowed some bounce houses and just let the kids run free and PLAY!

Reid got a new scooter from Nana and Papa. He rode it ALMOST the entire party! He parked it once very carefully behind a bounce house so that he wouldn't have to worry about sharing. Ha!

Parker playing soccer.

Our sweet cousin Carter came from the metroplex to celebrate Reid turning 2!

Reid's sweet friend Ben from school 4-wheeling through the gym.

Caroline posing for the camera!

Hayden riding Reid's 'BIG bike!'

Cute little Savannah at the party!

This sweet couple hung out in the wagon. Crew and Story - thanks for joining us!

Lily advising Reid to get off the hood of the car!

He didn't listen.... Olivia is holding on tight!

More cousins in the bounce house with Reid!

We had SO much fun celebrating Reid's 2nd birthday! We got home and he crashed! He woke up to a room FULL of presents. I think he got everything he could ever want. Thanks to everyone for coming!

The haircut...

On the morning of Reid's second birthday party Patrick decided he needed to go get a haircut. So... as he was walking out the door Reid asked to go with him. Not knowing any better I said sure! Reid was ready for another haircut so they could just get one together.... This is the outcome. My pooooor little boy!!!!!!!!!!!! Patrick came in the door and ran straight to the bathroom with Reid to fix it. This is when I had a bad feeling... but he had it fixed and it seemed OK. I asked Patrick to give Reid a quick bath before heading to his birthday party. The second the water washed down the front of his face I realized the problem. They had cut STRAIGHT across his forhead. It wasn't cute!

We have decided that it is now in Reid's best interest to go with Mom to the Hair Safari! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fishing with Grandaddy!

Reid got a fishing pole, longhorn chair, and tackle box from his Grandaddy for his 2nd birthday. So... the very next day we decided to go FISHING! I think Grandaddy was most excited of us all. We loaded up with some corn bait and headed to the kids fishing hole here in town.

Here is the big boy getting all his gear out.

Very interested at first...

Didn't last long... he stopped for several breaks. One of which he jumped off rocks with his aunt Laci!

Checking it out again.... his favorite part was casting it. His cute little fishing pole made a car noise when you pushed the button.Another quick break to go on a nature walk with Grandaddy.

Checking to see if Mom had caught a fish yet!

We tried moving spots... still no bite...Sitting and waiting very impatiently! The pictures make it look like he was being patient... in reality I was just taking pictures REALLY fast! :)

Still working on reeling it in! He likes to just yank it out until all the string comes out! Unfortunately we didn't catch a thing. Grandaddy is about ready to hire a diver that puts the fish on the kids poles so that they atleast get one bite!

Luckily... there is always next time!!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


It was so perfect outside so we decided to head to Vernon to visit Tony and Te and see their horses! Reid was SO excited he stayed wide awake the whole way there asking if we were there yet!Once we finally got there he was a little nervous being that close to them. He stood back and just pointed! "Look Mommy that Pebo's horses!"

When we got back from checking out all the horses around the barn this is how we found Pat. I thought it was funny becuase Patrick is far from a cowboy... and here he is sitting with the horse. HA!

Aunt T rode Bud around the arena for awhile. We offered Reid a chance to ride several times but he would kindly say, "No Pebo... it's your turn!" He loved watching Te go fast on her horse! He and I sat on the dirt and played while she rode for us.

Here is Te giving Bud a bath after the ride.

This was the only thing we were able to get Reid to ride!!... and it even took Te sitting on it for awhile until he would warm up to the idea.

We still had SO much fun... regardless of Reid deciding not to ride the horses. He liked watching all their cats but once again got a little nervous when they got clothes. We are just dog people around this house! :)

Before we left we hung out in the barn and let Reid play with the cowboy hats. He is ALL in to being a cowboy now!