Sunday, January 31, 2010


Reid had his 8 week check-up on January 8th. Grandma Dede and Daddy took him while I was at work. I heard afterwards it was probably better I wasn't there. Reid had to get his first set of shots and Patrick said it was horrible! He said Reid was all smiles and right after she gave it to him his eyes got big and he burst into tears. OUCH! Makes my heart hurt! He took it like a champ that night. Never complained one bit!

... We got to see how much he has grown! How funny that he is 95th percentile for length. We joked and said he is going to be tall like his Daddy!

He always looks at me during all his little photo shoots like.. "here she goes again!" Just can't help it... every moment is just so picture perfect with this guy!


Our little fishy... BABY REID! Well it is kinda hard to tell from this picture, but the boy has grown to LOVE his bathtime! Thank goodness! This picture is his first bath ever. Dad had to go with him and take pictures because Mom was a little worn out! Looks like he really enjoyed himself... HA
Here is little Reid at bath #2. Still not crazy about it, but getting a little bit better! Poor guy I think he was probably freezing cold! I don't know that I would enjoy laying on the counter while someone put 'warm' water on me either!
... and AHHH!!! Once he was able to get in the water he completely relaxed and has LOVED it ever since! I think he totally slept through his first bath in the tub!

Lastnight Patrick and I were bathing him on the little sling and just couldn't stop laughing because he looked HUGE in it! So we decided to try it out without the sling. As soon as we set him in the water he started kicking with his left foot!... and he loved watching the ducks float around! I don't know that I could bathe him like this without Pat. He is still a little bit wobbly sitting up like this!

The only part he hasn't gotten so good at yet is not using the bathroom in the tub. We have talked about how gross it is... but I think he just can't help it!... it's way too relaxing!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Hat!

Yesterday was the McCauley family fun day! I was just about to walk out the door for school and found out instead of being delayed it got CANCELED! Patrick had the day off also... so we got to spend a full day together just the three of us! After several naps, laundry, and lots of play time we got a little bit stir crazy. Somehow I talked Patrick into going and walking around the mall... what do you know... we bought little Reid a NEW HAT!!!!! We got to Old Navy and he just begged and begged... How can you tell this face no?!!

Obviously we couldn't. We are so glad we didn't because how cute is he in his new hat!

Friday, January 29, 2010

.... and he rolls!

January 16th...

Here he goes...

Almost there...

... and STUCK!... that darn arm!

Poor guy... he gets so frustrated! He has almost got it!

Happy 3 month Birthday!

Happy 3 month birthday baby boy! The last 3 months may have been the fastest 3 months of our lives. Your Dad and I both agree... it has been the BEST! You are such a joy! This month you have most definately outgrown your lay around stage. You are a go getter now! The second we lay you down you immediately begin to roll to your right side. It took you a couple of days to learn how to get that arm out and not be 'stuck'. Now that you have mastered your new trick you love to lay on your tummy and hold your head up! I used to lay you on your stomache and you would just bury your face in the ground... not any more!!! You also love to sit in your little bouncy seat! You kick your legs and start bouncing. It makes me and Daddy laugh everytime! Thank you for being such a blessing to our lives! Cannot wait to see what this next month holds!

Love you!
Daddy and Mommy

Watch him grow!

November 10th - Here he is... Reid McCauley at two weeks old! Notice the 'missing sock'! This poor kid never had two socks on at a time! We were lucky if he even had one! I am writing this at 3 months old. Cannot even believe how fast the time has gone and how much he has changed! Makes me sad.... but each new day is so different and FUN!!!
November 27th - 1 month old! We picked him up out of his bed this month and noticed... HE IS MISSING SOME HAIR!!!!! It is so funny how it fell out. Only on the top... just like an old man!.. (or his Daddy!) Luckily... it is filling back in nicely!
December 27th - 2 months old. Reid got his hair back! He is starting to sit up in his chair like a big boy... and hold his head up!

January 27th - 3 months old! Cannot even believe how this boy has grown!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


The past three months Lindzi and I have begun to realize just how blessed we truly are. We've always been grateful for all that the Lord has given us, but being parents has put a whole new perspective on what is important in life. Lindzi never knew just how "thankful" she would be to sit up at 1:00 & 4:00 AM to feed our sweet little boy. I never thought my first proud moment as a dad would be watching how far my son could launch his poo across the living room. Having Reid in our lives has been such a joy! We have grown (insert fat joke) closer to eachother, and can't put into words how much we love our little boy....

But we can't forget about these guys....

they are a blessing too!