Friday, July 29, 2011

Boys will be boys!

It's Hott and we were in our backyard. Why not?!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

San Antonio 2011

A couple of weeks ago we packed up and headed to San antonio. I was a bit nervous about the drive because Reid is not a huge fan of his car seat. He did excellent though!! Made it all the way to Waco just like this....

He was getting all rested to spend the next day with shamu! We stopped in temple for some chick fil a and then made the rest of the trip with Reid watching Mickey mouse.

It was super late when we finally made it to our hotel. Poor little Reid was DONE with the car at this point. We got all unloaded only to find out we had stopped at the wrong hotel. Ours was another 15 minutes away.

We got all checked in and to bed by about 1am. Reid was so excited to see Shamu that he was up by 8 ready to GO!! Our first stop in Sea World was 'Melmo'! Reid loved it from a distance. We asked him if he wanted to take a picture with them after the show and he very politely shook his head and said 'no mama'!

Here is Reid watching the Sea Lion show. I couldn't believe how much he LOVED every bit of it! He never took his eyes off!

Shamu! If you know me at all you know that I LOVE shamu! Now we know that Reid shares that love with me!

McCauleys at the Shamu show. This just also happened to be Patrick and I's 5 year anniversary! What better way to spend it then watchin Shamu at Sea World with our Reid?!

We even had the chance to see Shamu and the new baby swim together.

Reid's also loved the 'dolf''. Before leaving the park we stopped off and bought the rediculously expensive 4 minnows to hand feed the dolphins. I always swore that was such a rip off, but something changes when you are getting to see your little 1 year old experience something fun like that! I didn't even think twice. Daddy ended up actually feeding them, but Reid loved seeing them up close.

When we left Sea World we headed to the resort we would be staying at for the next three nights. We had to take a quick nap break!

Daddy and Reid floating down the lazy river at the hotel. SO MUCH FUN!!! Look at the smiles on their faces :)

Every so often we had to stop and let Reid jump. There were a couple of times Patrick would stand him up there and turn away for a second and Reid would just fall in face first. No fear!

Each morning we would walk down to a little store in the hotel for breakfast. We sat on a bench in the shade while Reid played in the rocks. Every one that past by had to comment on how cute he was. I just had to agree!

Patrick was quizzing Reid on his animal sounds. Someone past by with a turtle float and Patrick said 'Reid do you know what sound a turtle makes?' I was so anxious to find out for myself!

Sunday morning we headed BACK to Sea World! Reid spent a couple of hours at the Elmo splash park and then we watched Shamu one last time!

We snuck in the Elmo 3D just to cool off for a second. We knew that Reid would not last sitting down to watch a movie... but the cool air felt great!

Having too much fun!

Mommy and Reid watching Elmo live!

This is when we knew vacation was over. It wears you out!!

Our summer vacation was super fun this year! Having Reid along brings a whole new level of excitment! Can't wait for next years!

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Reid and his Papa...

Patrick, Reid, and I were heading out the door to the park the other night and Reid said to both of us "Papa go?" He had his hands held out wondering where Papa was. Papa is ALWAYS on the back of his mind. I think it would be safe to say they are best buds. So Patrick and I called Papa and Nana to meets us at the park to feed the prairie dogs and slide.Papa took Reid up the slide. Reid went first....

He stood at the bottom cheering for Papa.

High five for Papa.... he made it down the slide! haha

Reid throwing some crackers to the prairie dogs. He calls them dogs for short ha!

Two of a kind... Papa even had on his Worlds greatest Papa shirt!!

After spending time at the park we met Nana and Papa at Braums. The drive to Braums was a little rough on Reid. He was hoping to go with Nana in Papa's camero. Luckily it wasn't to far and he ran straight to them when they pulled up! He shared some yogurt with them and then ran around the store like a wild man. That is what he is good at! :)

Thank goodness for our Nana and Papa!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweet memories

Having so much fun with my precious boy this summer! I wish I could freeze time for a little bit so I could enjoy it that much more.

So blessed that God chose me to be this little boys mommy. I love seeing the world through his eyes!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A perfect morning! Cinnamon rolls for breakfast... Now watching the sprinkler.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little swimmer

Here is Reid... Soaking wet in his clothes! We were actually heading to dinner and had stopped to water some flowers. I heard a splash and saw this wild man had decided to go for a swim. He is crazy! I was actually impressed with his ability to kick and come back above water. Not that he can swim by any means... But he was trying. My stomach was of course in knots after seeing him in the pool without a life jacket, but he was not one bit scared. He actually popped back up with a big smile. Needless to say we were late to dinner!
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A poor baby duck ran up our driveway the other night. A mean cat had chased his mom off and the baby duck was chirping for help. Patrick being the super sweet person he is scooped him up and kept him overnight. Reid was already in bed, but quickly fell in love with him in the morning.

Petting the duck before we drop him off.

We took the duck to the wild bird rescue. Reid was broken hearted. He cried and cried saying 'ducky home.' Poor guy! Luckily we took him to market street and he was better in no time!
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