Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Proud mommy

This boy will be reading in no time!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Cooking out

Reid and Kate having some chicken nuggets, apples, and capri-sun... go figure!

Pool time! Apparently Reid thinks Kate's crazy face is hilarious.

Wild man's turn to slide... check out the facial expressions.

Just being super cool right here...

Now for the crazy landing!

YEAHHHH!!! Way to go Reid!

Oh man.. he is proud.

I am going to go ahead and say that he was showing off at this point.

Sweet little Kate. She was attempting to start Reid's private tutor sessions at this point...

Kate: Wata... slide... wata... slide
Reid was trying to show interest.

anddddd.. NO THANKS! Learning is for girls I think I will go slide now!

18 month check-up

Reid checked out perfect once again! He is tall and thin... just like... actually we have no idea! We had a successful check up. He did get 1 shot and took it like a man. Cried for a second until he sat up to see that he had a 'melmo' band-aide. Thankfully that made it all better!

I have no idea how 18 months snuck up on us. I know this sounds so cliche but I truly feel like we brought him home from the hospital yesterday. Here goes his latest....

  • Runs everywhere! Total boy!

  • No longer eats fruits and vegetables. This is such a bummer. I will NOT give up! This boy would gladly live on chicken, nuggets, macaroni, etc...

  • Sleeps in a big boy bed!

  • Says lots of words... mommy, daddy, yeehaw, ellie, bird, moo, bubble, bite, NO! (and he says it just like that), huh (meaning yes), mow, shoe, nana, papa, hello..... I am sure I am forgetting some... but he is doing great!

  • He currently hates the bath... hoping that changes quick. This makes for a stressful bathtime!

  • When we ride in the car he likes to say mommy... mommy... mommy... until I turn around and he will say hi mommy!

  • He loves to watch Daddy mow!

  • Loves to ride his bike and 4wheeler.

I think this list could go forever... but these are the main things! It is so true... each month gets more and more fun!

Church time!

Dear Reid,
Of course God made plants and food. I am so proud of you for studying about this! I am also so proud of my very first piece of artwork from YOU! I know I know you didn't do the whole the by yourself... but you did make those perfect little crayon marks! I am so happy that you enjoy going to church and learning about the grace and love of our heavenly Father! We pray that you continue to enjoy this experience and one day choose to accept him into your heart!
Two handsome boys... I am a lucky lady! :)Patrick tried to talk him out of his passy for this picture... didn't work.

Tell me that is not the cutest little outfit though!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Katelyn Camp!

Reid's good friend Kate lives just a few houses down. It is so fun having Jodi and Kate to play with in the afternoons. Patrick gave Reid a ride on his 4wheeler and broke poor Kate's heart. So... they came back and picked her up!

This may be illegal... but who is it hurting?!

I am hoping that Kate will be willing to tutor Reid. She talks so well and I hear she counts to 10! ... Oh and she puts up with Reid throwing golf balls at her head....


What is better then playing outside drinking capri sun with 2 cute girls?!

Reid's friends Leighton and Lily came over to play! Reid is having a little bit of trouble learning how to share. This afternoon he actually had a lot of trouble.... but he will learn I just know it! Thankfully these sweet girls were pretty laid back and knew how to put Reid back in his place. Here is Reid probably asking Leighton to get off of his picnic table. We are still in the middle of his 'being a gentleman' course.

2 sweet girls... I love their ponytails! :)

Thanks for play with us girls!

Rain Rain... Don't go away!!!

Patrick and I decided that this was probably Reid's first time to really see rain... crazy! As soon as the thunder and lightning stopped we took him out to play in the puddles! Our neighbor Xavier joined in on the fun!

Loved stomping in the water... such a boy!

Meet our neighbor Xavier! He is just a little bit older than Reid.

Of course Reid had to plop down in it! So thankful for the rain AND the chance for Reid to get to play in it!


Our little engineer hard at work!

It will be so fun to see this little boy's life unfold! I, of course, think he will be wonderful at anything he chooses to do... but I have to admit he is already quite the stacker!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Have you ever been this thirsty??!

This all started when he decided to 'help' me water. He watered for a very short time before he wanted a drink. Next thing I know he was soaking wet spraying water in his face and running around screaming. Just being my precious little wild man!

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Mr. Personality

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So... I forgot my camera for the big Easter egg hunt. I was bummed.... These pictures will have to do!

Waiting to get started. Not with one basket.... But two!

Apparently not in the mood for a picture.

Still no pictures please! This is his 'mad' face. He did already find an egg though!

So if you can't tell hunting Easter eggs is not Reid's favorite activity! He had much more fun peeking through the fence at the dogs!

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Drivers Ed

Cruising in aunt T's car with Merse.

Favorite pass time.... Pretending to drive, dance, and talk on the phone. Who knows where he has learned this?!

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Home away from home

Welcome to Market Street!

There is a horse right outside our all time favorite place to hang out. Patrick let Reid ride it last time we were there. He was pumped! He put on a great show for everyone!!!

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