Tuesday, September 28, 2010

11 months old

Reid is hilarious! He has gotten to where he is not a huge fan of milk. However, he still needs to be drinking milk so.... I add just a drop of chocolate and that does the trick! Patrick was mowing tonight so I was prepared to work extra hard to get his monthly chair picture. Thanks to some good ole chocolate milk it didn't take much at all!
This was the first extremely cute picture... and I was perfectly happy with it. I think he looks pretty handsome!... but right after this he had to pause for a big huge gulp of milk...
I am busting out laughing at this point... and so Reid sits back up laughing just as hard! Thanks to Mr. Cannon Rebel I was able to capture it all!
Thank you for another month full of blessings! You have continued to be the most loving little baby I know! We just want to eat you up!!
  • You have finally started saying mama and dada all the time!
  • You can stand up all by yourself!
  • On your 11 month birthday you took SIX steps!!!!!
  • You laugh out loud a lot!
  • You love the Backyardagains... Dora... and Veggie Tales!
  • You enjoy going to the MSU soccer games with your God parents Sean and Laura Gill (HA!)
  • You still LOVEEEEE to be outside... no matter what it is we are out there for!
  • Your favorite food is any kind of fruit
  • You point at things you want
  • You shake your finger at me when I tell you 'no no'
  • You wave bye or hi to everything!!
  • You dance on your knees with your hands in the air!
  • You greet us each time we pick you up with a big giant hug!

I really could go on and on about all the great, funny, smart things you do! We think you are just pefect! I am so excited to see you grow more and more.

Love YOU sweet boy!


Reid's dedication 9/26/2010

This past Sunday was a super special day for our family! We had Reid's dedication at church! It was a speical service JUST for dedications and we were so excited for this sweet time with our sweet boy and family!

I got him all dressed up and he was looking incredibly handsome! I decided to take some pictures of him and this is the best I got... he was not in the mood!
Patrick and I wrote a special letter to Reid the night before. Here is his handsome Daddy reading it to Reid and the family.

Reid made his debut on stage after his celebration. We read him his letter then celebrated with cake and punch!
The McCauley family!

Grandpa and Grandma were heading out to Colorado the next morning for a camping adventure. Reid and Grandpa are buddies so they were spending a little extra time together before Grandpa left. I am sure it will be a long week for the both of them!

So thankful for all the blessings the Lord has given us this past year!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Helping Dad mow

Ok Dad... I will stand here and hold up this tree while you mow the yard. Get busy!

You are killing me Dad... you missed a spot... right over there.

See it? I thought you were a better mower then that.

Ha... this was the look he gave me. He is getting so sick of my camera!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Reid and Mommy

It is very rare that Reid and I get our picture taken together. Too bad Reid has spagetti all over his face in this... but I really don't care. He is super cute no matter what! He just started saying mama a lot more in the past two weeks. It completely melts my heart each time. I kissed him on the forehead the other night and he giggled then said mama - kinda like you are silly mama!
After the picture he went straight to the bathtub... then continued to eat the noodles that were floating around him. HA!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


You are looking at Reid's very favorite toy as of right now. He is so good at riding it too! He was right in the middle of playing with it and I thought I better get a picture since it's his favorite! So I snap the first picture and....This is when he realizes that Mom has the camera I better perform!!!! Oh my! He has gotten so good at this game. What a HAM!
It doesn't stop there. This next one kills me!
Good job son! You are stinkin cute!

Birthday Shopping

We went shopping for this little girl today. Her 1st birthday is getting so close!!!
I had NO idea that Toys R Us could even make a 10 month old crazy! I let him sit on a Jeep power wheels... big mistake! After letting him play in it for a good 15 minutes I put my foot down and just pulled him out. All of a sudden he turned into 'that kid'. You know! The one that throws a crazy fit in Toys R Us!!!!
However, it was SO MUCH FUN shopping for little Lily Grace!!!

First bike ride!

We have been waiting a long time on this special day!!! I found this seat at a garage sale... of course!.. and we picked up Reid a cute little helmet that Daddy picked out! The smallest they had was for a 3 year old but it fit our little guy (go figure!) The first ride went O.K. He was not very impressed with the helmet but seemed to love the bike ride! Patrick and him rode on the sidewalk and I rode next to them in the street. He seemed to enjoy waving to me the entire ride.

The next morning we woke up bright and early... well Reid woke us up bright and early! We decided to hop back on our bikes and ride to the donut shop. How much fun!!!! Reid enjoyed some strawberries and a donut hole while Patrick and I stuffed our faces with donuts. Of course all the people at the donut shop thought he was just about the cutest thing (and we agree!!!!) Apparently all our donut eating wore him out and he fell asleep on the way home. Every bike ride since has ended that way as well. We have to do short quick rides now because they are just to relaxing for Reid.
This was from the first night also... notice we haven't even got started and he is already trying to rip his helmet off!