Saturday, August 27, 2011

Too cool for school!

Not really! Reid is actually pumped up about school! I just cannot believe that it is time to send him to pre-school! He is going to be in Mrs. Sarah's 1 year old class at Learn and Grow pre-school this year! It is in the very same room that he goes to Sunday School in so we are hoping that it is an easy drop off for Nana and Papa on Tuesday!

Anyway, we had his orientation this past Friday. Daddy fixed his hair and he wanted to wear his new shoes from 'Pe-bo'! I think he looks pretty handsome!... it was obvious that he felt it too! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All dolled up!

Reid has all kinds of cute girls in his life. I know he will appreciate this later. However, I think it would be best for us to look into playing with more little boys for now!

Patrick's response to this was "oh my goodness...." I on the other hand realized that maybe we need a little girl someday! :)
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer time fun! Part 2

Just a bunch of cute random pictures from my phone...

Stealing kate's fish while
She smiles for the camera!

Smiling at Kate- he loves her so much!

Breakfast in 'big bed'. This was all Reid's idea. Not sure where he learned it!

Tried working on abc's. Reid prefers to play with the container!

Playing in the sprinkler.

Helping daddy fix the sprinklers!

Just waking up. His favorite spot!

Play date with little Crew socks!

Mommy and Reid!

Reid thinks this is the funniest thing. :)

Dreaming of Texas!

Boys are gross!! Drinking water like his puppies.

Water table/ pool... Whatever works!

Bath time with friends.

You just never know when a hammer will come in handy!!

1 more week of summer. Went by way to fast. Loved every minute!!
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Moving Day!

On Thursday, July the 28th we woke up in our Carlene house for the very last time. We had been taking loads back and forth since that Monday but had to be out by Thursday evening. Here we are in the middle of our empty living room ready to get this move done!

We had no bowls, spoons, or food left so Patrick made a quick trip to pick us up some breakfast! Reid thought this was all so fun!
Eating breakfast laying on the bar!
Reid had to take a nap break!... Thankfully we hadn't moved our mattress yet. Since it has been 120 degrees all summer he was ok without a blanket!
This might be when my stomache started to hurt. I think I started to realize we really weren't coming back. SO many sweet memories in this house. After I took this picture I walked in Reid's empty room and started to cry.
Reid rode to the new house with his Papa so Patrick and I could get the last bit. We sat in our empty Carlene home and thought of all the fun memories! Here is Pat... he was not one bit sad. He was just so excited we were done I think!
Three great years at this little home! This was where we brought our Reid home. It will most definitely always hold a special place in our heart!