Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dinner date

Patrick was out of town most of last week. We missed him like crazy... But we took full advantage of our time together. On this particular night we (mostly Reid) sat down to eat some hot dog weenies. Sounds delicious I know! Here is my handsome man at the start of our dinner date...

Reid was being so big and using his fork! He picks the food up... Puts it on his fork... It falls off... Then he just decides to use his fingers. He does it over and over again. One day he will get it I just know it!

Oh! I said something funny!

"no no no Jake" - crazy dog was begging for our hot dogs!

Still making this cute boy laugh!

Milk break!

This is when all the serious conversations started!

I enjoyed this dinner more than Reid will ever know! He sat across from me and told me all kinds of stories. Each day he steals my heart more and more!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Crew Rhine

Welcome to the world little Crew! Reid is so excited to grow up with you!

He is so handsome and perfect! We are already looking forward to watching these two little boys play. We love you Crew!

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Sink lay...

We have now moved on from a sink sit to a sink lay! Reid is a nut. He is always able to put s smile on my face.

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