Monday, March 21, 2011

River - Round 2!

4-wheeling out at the river!
His 'tough' face.
Now this is a REAL 4-wheeler!... once he rode the big one he was way too cool for the little baby 4-wheeler.
Checking it all out...
and he has got it figured out!
Another tough face!
Melt your heart! Love him!

Helping Daddy with his feeder.
We had a quick and fun river trip last Saturday. I think Reid is a fan! We rode the 4-wheeler around looking for deer antlers or something weird. He didn't complain once! I only complained once... the big, black, scary bull looked at us. It even started walking toward us. I was able to say 'Patrick! Reid is with us GO!' It worked... Thanks Reid!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Each night once Reid starts winding down we begin our bath routine. I cherish this time! He has so much fun in the bath... Giggles at himself in the mirror while he brushes his teeth.... Then snuggles and watches cartoons!

Hopefully I will figure out a way to slow time down.... But until then I'm going to squeeze in all the snuggle time I can!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is our first year to have a family Spring Break. Well kinda... Patrick still has lots of soccer stuff going on, but atleast we don't have school! We decided to take advantage of our free weekend and make a trip to the zoo. We pulled up and found out that everyone else in Texas had the same idea... literally! There were a lot of people there... but that didn't stop us from having fun!
Daddy and Reid checking out the giraffes. Every single animal at the zoo is called a 'puppy'. Patrick and I didn't know this until Reid taught us! :)

Our favorite (Patrick and I) was the lions. Everytime that we have gone together they do their roaring for us. Reid had no idea what to think. After awhile he thought it was funny!

The baby Longhorn was licking the guy next to us. It made Reid laugh!
We came all the way to the Ft Worth zoo to play on the stairs for a good 10 minutes!
Being a little toot.... refusing to look at the camera.
My attempt at begging him.....!

Ok... I am fully aware I look rediculous in this picture. This is what happened everytime Reid couldn't see an animal anymore. His cute little way of saying 'where'd it go?!'

Walking big next to Daddy! My two very handsome boys!!!

And now for the fun part!.... Reid had much more fun running around the hotel like a maniac! He thought that he owned this place!
tippy- toes!
Checking out the view.

LOVED the bed and big fluffy pillows! Look at those cute little feet perfectly crossed! We took this picture and Reid fell asleep about 15 minutes later. The zoo wore him out! We had planned to go to dinner, but our plans quickly changed with a sleepy little boy. We just ran to Taco Cabanna and Reid layed in the booth and slept while Patrick and I ate real fast.
He had his remote and magazines... relaxing in the hotel!
PERFECT time for a 'sink sit'! This time he could turn the water on... still having WAY to much fun!
We were heading down to breakfast at Starbucks! Our hotel was pretty fancy... unfortunately no continental breakfast! We shared a family scone, yogurt, and some milk! Worked out perfectly!
We had hoped to go to the botanical gardens Sunday morning before heading to Granbury. Unfortunately they didn't open until noon so we settled for the Ft. Worth water gardens across the street from our hotel. We weren't dissapointed at all.... it was really pretty!

High five Dad! Reid wanted to play in the water so bad. We kept telling him to come on... and he did! Patrick told him good job and so he wanted to give him a high five!
Oh... and then something so sad happened. Our very first busted lip. Reid was running in his cool croc shoes and tripped and slid on his face. Poor guy! He is such a tough boy. Only cried for a minute.

The perfect cure for a busted lip is a water bottle! Who knew?!
I am one blessed Mama! I get to spend my life with these two! I hope that Reid grows up to be just like his Daddy!

So thankful for a much needed family getaway! If only it hadn't ended so soon!