Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunny day Picnic!

Two of Reid's favorite things... food and outside!

"Put that camera down... I am eating here!!"

Picture break with Mom... you can tell this was not Reid's idea!

A little blueberry on the face never hurt anyone!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

5 months old!

October 27th 2009....
March 27th 2010....Little boy... how time flies! Each month we go back through your chair pictures and cannot believe how fast you are growing. We fall more and more in love as each day goes by! You have changed our world forever and we are so thankful for you! You started eating food this month and you love it! Sometimes we can't shovel it in fast enough. You still LOVE your bath and LOVE to be outside! You are getting so close to sitting up but get a little excited sometimes and still fall over to ones side or backwards. Just today you sat in the shopping cart while we went to Market Street (your second home!) You held onto the cart for dear life as your Daddy rushed down each aisle! You had your first sickness this month... pneumonia. It was so sad for us!... but you took it like a champ and got better quick! As you continue to grow your personality comes out more and more. You are such a happy boy and have started laughing out loud at silly things! Although part of us want you to stay little we are enjoying watching you grown into a fun, handsome, smart little boy! Thanks for being our precious Reid! We love you!
There is that cute personality... showing us your crazy side!
We sure love that sweet smile! So glad you know just what to do when we get the camera out!

Oh- Daddy learned something VERY important this month. It has to do with Mylecon drops and Tylenol.. ask him about it!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Day 4!

This is how we spent our Thursday of Spring Break. The weather was beautiful and there is nothing Reid likes more then being outside! He sat in his jumper while Patrick and I picked weeds. We tried to teach him how to help us pick them but he seemed a little bit more interested in jumping then picking weeds.

We went to Mazzios for lunch and had some pizza! Reid didn't get any... but he did suck on a big piece of cantaloupe! He loved it! Everytime we tried to pull it away he would cry!... eventually we just took out and ran out of Mazzios hoping he would forget!

We came home and Reid had a quick nap... he was ready to get back outside. This time he got to watch Jake and Ellie run around. A couple of times we heard him laugh out loud at them. Never knew 2 dogs running was so funny!

Had to have a quick time out for a picture with his handsome Daddy!Look at that cute kid! Patrick and I cannot even look at him without smiling. He truely is such a joy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break... day #2!

We sure are enjoying our Spring Break together! I will call this 'Lazy Tuesday'! It was a little chilly and Reid has had a little bit of cough and runny nose so we decided to watch a movie.I love how his little toes are always curled.... and he has that blanket of course! Everything is O.K. when Reid has his blanket!
I think he has gotten used to having his picture taken all the time... he looks at the camera when he is supposed to and somehow knows when he is supposed to stay still for an 'action shot'. I think he might be one of the smartest kids I know!!!!
He even got to pick our movie this afternoon... and let me tell you it was a good one......!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet potatoes for dinner!

We decided that there is no better way to start off Spring Break than eating some sweet potatoes! I don't know that Reid agreed with us. Here he is after a bowl of cereal! He LOVES to eat cereal. I usually cannot get it in his mouth fast enough. Now that he gets to have the banana cereal I think he is even happier!Then that night I gave him some sweet potatoes. If he could talk I think he would have said, "No thank you Mom!" I have never seen someone be so dramatic when they gag. Poor kid he would gag and then shake. He finally just held his lips together tight and wouldn't take another bite!
I tried again this afternoon for lunch and he did MUCH BETTER! By the time dinner got here I think he even started to like them!... hopefully this food thing will just take some getting used to. We (Grandpa Eddie) might have to slow down on the ice cream and pudding also.

He is asleep in his own room as we speak. This is probably long overdue but who cares! He was doing just fine in our room but I finally decided it would probably be better for him to move to his own room before he turns 18! I have already checked on him about 3 times... had patrick check on him.. AND tested out the monitors (like they stopped working since his nap time or something!) Not sure why this step is so hard on his momma but holy cow! I hope I can sleep tonight! It has just been way to comforting to sit up... check him... sometimes even a little kiss, then back to sleep. I better hurry and go to bed before I decide to move him back in with Mom and Dad! HA!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Visit from Merse!

Reid had a special visitor this afternoon! His great grandma Merse just couldn't stand it anymore and had to stop by for some play time!

What a sweet boy! After a perfect picture he went in for a kiss! Thanks for coming to visit with us Merse!! We love you!

Growing too fast!

We had Reid's 4 month check-up yesterday. It is official... he is growing way to fast! He is now in the 40th percentile for weight... and still 95th percentile for height (who would have guessed that!) Oh!... and he must have a big brain because his head is 80th percentile. I know he is going to be SMART!!!!!

They also gave us the O.K. to start his fruits and vegetables... we are pretty pumped. He is going to be so excited as soon as he gets that first bite. Actually... I don't know that he will. I found out today he has been sneaking pudding and ice cream with his grandpa. What are we going to do with them!! That must be the way to the boys heart though because he sure does love his grandpa Eddie!
The best news is we found out our little Reid is still perfect! This is something we already knew but always fun to hear someone else tell you! He did have to get those mean shots... which I had to leave the room for... but his Daddy got him through it (with just a few crocodile tears...). As of today... he is back to my happy boy!